Advancing environmental sustainability on campus through policies and infrastructure to reduce carbon footprint

CUHK has developed and implemented a number of sustainability policies and programmes, supported by appropriate infrastructure, to actively engage our students and staff members and drive positive behavioural change for sustainable development.

CUHK was the first local university to pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2038.  To fulfil its commitment, the University has introduced several initiatives designed to promote a responsible culture, including:

CU Green Buddies

  • To form a community of CUHK’s students and staff members who are passionate about sustainable development

Energy Conservation Incentive Scheme for Student Hostels

  • To encourage positive behavioural change among student hostel residents and raise awareness throughout the University of the importance of energy consumption and conservation

Energy Efficiency Implementation Fund

  • To enhance the energy conservation measures of CUHK offices and make their operations more energy-efficient

Green Office Programme (GO!)

  • To embed sustainability within CUHK offices

Plastic-free Campus

  • To encourage CUHK students, staff members and caterers to work together to go plastic-free and build a sustainable green campus

Sustainable Development Goals Action Fund

  • To encourage students and staff members to develop creative and actionable projects which respond to the SDGs and contribute to a more sustainable future for all

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CUHK is committed to reducing its per capita campus energy use by 25% by 2025, compared with the baseline figures of 2005.  To achieve this goal, the University has developed and implemented a range of policies and initiatives in energy conservation.

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CUHK strives to reduce waste at source and promote a recycling culture.  The University launched Plastic-free Campus in 2018 to encourage CUHK students, staff members and caterers to work together to go ‘plastic-free’ and build a sustainable campus by discontinuing the use of plastic disposables.  The University has also introduced a pioneering food waste pre-treatment system, ‘Food TranSmarter’, to reduce the volume of waste sent to the landfills for disposal.

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CUHK seeks to ensure the sustainable use of water resources.  Water conservation measures are built into the university’s daily operations.  Clean drinking water is provided free of charge on campus, and is easily accessible.

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CUHK endeavors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impacts from campus buildings by making greater use of clean energy and achieving, where practicable, the highest green building certifications for all new buildings.

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CUHK’s luxuriant campus is home to over 200 plant species and a variety of fauna.  Please visit the Trees and Birds at CUHK webpage to explore the plant species and avifauna on CUHK campus.

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