Reaching out to the community with impact

CUHK seeks to promote positive changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in relation to climate change and sustainable development both in Hong Kong and beyond through our CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) and other outreach programmes.

The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) was established in December 2013 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  It is the first museum of its kind in the world.  The MoCC organizes interactive multimedia exhibitions of valuable collections and provides interesting information about climate change.  These exhibitions are designed to increase public understanding of the cause and effects of climate change and keep visitors abreast of the latest developments in conservation and sustainability, and to persuade them, especially students and teachers, to rally to the cause of environmental stewardship.

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The MoCC is committed to making climate change knowledge accessible to all and encouraging climate-friendly behaviours.  Your gift will support the museum’s operation and development and help it to win a wider audience for its climate education message.

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We offer valuable, non-formal learning opportunities for CUHK students to develop their knowledge, skills and values needed to become future sustainability leaders.  By becoming MoCC Ambassadors, students will be tasked with guiding visitors to the MoCC, and will assist in the development and operation of the MoCC’s climate outreach activities and educational projects.

The MoCC Ambassadorship provides financial support to committed students.

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We join hands with the like-minded to create a larger impact through climate action.  Through the International Universities Climate Alliance, we work with the world’s leading climate research universities to support global leaders, policymakers, business executives and the public to meet the global sustainability challenge through sharing evidence-based information and climate research.

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What’s On

Virtual Tour

Explore the MoCC through the Virtual Tour

SDG Ambassadorship: Rethink Food

An education programme exploring the relationship between food consumption and sustainable development

Experiencing Urban Biodiversity

Cities are fully functioning ecosystems and are home to a variety of biological communities.  Learn more about these urban species on the CUHK campus