Embracing Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development – 5 USR Goals in CUHK 2025


University social responsibility (USR) is the promotion by higher education institutions of a set of values and principles that will help resolve and overcome the world’s grand challenges. 

In its Strategic Plan 2021–2025 (‘CUHK 2025’), CUHK has a vision to establish itself as a 21st-century civic university striving for excellence with a purpose and embracing social responsibility for sustainable development.  The CUHK community espouses the values of people, social, and environmental and economic harmonies in the pursuit of sustainable development.

CUHK has set for itself concrete sustainable development targets in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which apply to all areas of the University’s endeavours.  The five USR goals are the University’s priorities on social responsibility and sustainable development.

Values University Social Responsibility Goals United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  1. To improve public health through preventive healthcare research and outreach
  1. To increase equal access to and the impact of quality education through creativity and technology
  1. To promote diversity, inclusion and partnerships through understanding and respect
  1. To pursue climate action and commit to the ambition of carbon neutrality by 2038
  1. To advocate responsible processes by setting standards and creating scalable solutions

Three overarching strategies to guide CUHK’s pursuit of the USR goals

  • Promoting research impact for sustainable development
  • Nurturing socially responsible future leaders
  • Partnering communities in action